James Vincent McMorrow – Australian dates announced


Irish troubadour James Vincent McMorrow makes his maiden voyage to Australia this April to introduce his remarkable solo talent. Alongside debut performances at Bluesfest, McMorrow will set out on an east coast run with stops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. James has already captured audiences throughout Europe and USA with his passionate, pop oriented folk, including the UK where his spot on last year’s Glastonbury lineup had many new fans witness his magic. His album “Early In The Morning” platforms his musical integrity and genuine talent with hypnotic lyrics inspired by life, love and literature.

James Vincent McMorrow’s live show is a hushed and reverential affair, each show met with pin drop silence as people are mesmerised by every word and syllable. It will not always be this way however, James shares his future and tells us his dream for a grander affair “Playing on my own right now is beautiful because it allows me to connect on a very primitive level, but I’d like to be in a place soon where I can be surrounded with friends on stage to share this with me.”


Ticket Details Here!


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